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WHITE COLLAR - Thoughts on The EPIC series Finale!!!

Well that was quite the ride. It has been over a day and a half and I am still trying to process the whole Emotional experience.

I have all kinds of rambling thoughts and I might end up recapping the whole ep. There was so many great moments(both sad & happy) and goodbyes.

[Just in case some of you may not have see it yet, here is the spoiler cut.]

I figured that Neal would end up leaving NY but this was not how I saw it happening. Maybe we would have a scene similar to the end of Season one but without the plane explosion. They would finally talk and then Neal would go off into the sunset to perhaps returns one day.

I have come across talk that maybe Neal would fake his death but given that he faked it in the past when Peter was chasing him, I didn't think the writers would go that route. Besides I didn't think Neal could do something so heartbreaking to everyone.

Of course Keller acted just like the bastard he was & Neal was able to use that as part of his plan. Keller thought he was so smart but he didn't stand a chance against the combination of Peter & Neal. It was perfect that Peter was the one to take down Keller!!!!!!!! And when it was all said and done with, he didn't give Keller another thought as he ran to find Neal. I was on the edge of my seat encouraging Peter to hurry up and get to Neal!!!

When they were putting Neal in the ambulance and Peter showed up I was all YAY he made it and everything will be OK. I loved how Neal was emotional and said Peter was His Best Friend but then Peter didn't go in the ambulance & that had me worried. The next thing we see is Peter & Mozzie at the hospital and instead of the doctor coming out to take them to see Neal in his hospital bed, he was telling them he was Dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To see Peter so devastated and Mozzie with his monologue on how Neal always had a way out just broke my heart. I so wanted Peter to just hug Mozzie just like he has done to Neal in the past but he doesn't. He stands beside him and put his hand on his back. To top off the heartbreak Peter is all alone in the hospital hallway as he breaks down and cries.

Even thought it was a heartbreaking con to perform, Neal knew that Keller was right & that the PP would seek revenge and wouldn't stop until they got it. After experiencing just how Violent Woodward (sp) & the PP are, Neal saw it as the only way to protect his family. I believe Neal didn't want to wait a year but maybe he was waiting (the Justice system is not know to be fast) for the sentencing of the PP to be all done with before he could tell Peter the truth.

The one thing I found odd about Neal's death scene was that he was in a body bag. In other shows, there is usually just a sheet over the body and that is pulled back to identify who ever it is. It was definitely more traumatic this way and I wonder if that is why it was done that way.

I was hoping for a leap to a future time so we could see everyone happy together. To see how life goes on a year later was hard to watch. Peter seeing Neal in the reflection of his office window and then seeing Neal's empty desk was emotional. When we see Mozzie's card scam, I thought for a moment that here is where Neal reappears but it is Peter and they have a sweet, moving conversation. Mozzie tells him the story behind the playing card Neal gave him. I thought it was so sweet that Neal kept that card all these years.

I like how Neal eventually involved Mozzie in the con. He figured out how to keep Mozzie safe from the PP's revenge but also let him participate in the robbery. Mozzie was finally getting his dream of participating in that Final Big Score that they have been talking about ever since they first met. Unfortunately like all the Big scores, the cost of it was a high price to pay. It was a terribly sad thing to have to do to Mozzie but Neal knew that June & El and now Peter would be there for Mozzie emotionally. He knew that Mozzie now had a family. : )

More Great Moments:

It was funny to see June & Mozzie sharing a drink and then June asking Neal if he remembers their meeting in that silly little thrift shop. I knew that when Neal was hugging June it wasn't a "until I see you later" hug but that he was really saying GOODBYE!!!

El & Peter telling Neal they are having a boy and then they drink coffee and Peter says here to Cappuccino in the clouds. :)

Neal reassuring EL that he will do everything to protect Peter and then saying that they are his family!!!!!!!

* Peter actually leaving the office on time to be home with his family!!!!

* Mozzie tells Peter that his name is Teddy Winters.

* Peter invites Mozzie over to see them sometime and then he shows up that night. OMG Peter & El are adorable as parents and they named their son Neal. I love that Peter invites Mozzie for dinner.

* Then the mysterious Wine shows up and Peter's gut instinct tells him something is up. So he figures out what Neal was doing with those storage units. I love the look on his face when he realizes Neal is alive. I wish we could have seen Mozzie's reaction when Peter tells him about Neal.

The ending scene with Neal and seeing him do his hat trick before walking off into Paris was the final straw and then that was when I really started to cry. His family knows he is alive and that one day they will get to have a happy reunion. Besides Neal has to meet his namesake. :)

OH SHOW I am going to Miss you!!!!
Matt Bomer

Matt Bomer GIFS!!

As I was browsing around the internet today, I came across this lovely page of MATT BOMER GIFS. It is the 1st of October and it is a overcast & dreary fall day and this REALLY, REALLY CHEERED me up!!! So I decided to share it.

There is everything here: from Starring into his lovely Blue Eyes to exercising, showering and various other views of Matt. : ) : )
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Random Thoughts and White Collar/Matt Bomer Vid recs.

Well it is trying to be a sunny afternoon. The clouds can seem to make up their mind. One minute they are here and it is all dreary and overcast and then the Sun break through and it sunny & bright. I am so glad that the first day of Spring is next Thursday March 20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has been a long and Cold winter. For Jan & Feb, It seemed like we were having a snow storm every week. I am hoping that I will soon be able put away my old winter coat & start wearing my New Spring Jacket. This week I am going to go shopping for some new Spring shoes. : )

Still no luck on the job front. I know it has only been three weeks but this is getting really boring. Last week I put my name and resume in with a temp agency. Hopefully something good will come from that. My finances are in pretty good shape so at least I don't have to worry about that for a little while. I have also been thinking that I should see this as an opportunity to really put some thought into my future instead of just jumping into the first full time job that comes along. Even thought the idea of going into more debt (Student Loan) is scary, I have been thinking about going back to School. I have a couple of ideas that I am going to look into and see where that goes.


SPACE STATION 76- I originally wanted to see this because MATT BOMER was going to be in it but then I heard Patrick Wilson was in it as well and now I REALLY want to see it. The combination of those two actors make this a must see for me. I first heard of Patrick through the TV show (the Gifted Man) that he did a couple of years ago. I fell hard for him but then his show was cancelled. I wanted to follow his career but he went on to do some horror movies and as much as I liked him there was no way I was going to watch those. So it is great to get to see him in what looks like an interesting SF movie.

Here is a great interview of Patrick & Matt with the movie's writer/Director that was recorded at the SXSW conference. Hopefully this movie will be given a wide release really soon. : )

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It has been about six weeks and still no news on a Season 6. I am trying to not to get too worked up about it but the more time goes on the more it pisses me off. I am trying to be positive by thinking that Jeff Eastin wouldn't have written that Cliff hanger if he was in doubt of a S6. So hopefully we will have some good news soon. Thankfully this fandom is full of talented fans who make adorable vids like this to cheer us all up.

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My re watch of WC keeps jumping from season to season. After watching the pilot and the next two S1 eps, I skipped to the S3 ender and then moved on to the first three eps of S4.
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WHITE COLLAR: Possibly Crazy speculation for Live Feed - EP 10

I recorded this ep last night and was only able to watch about 1/2 of it this mornning before I reluctantly had to leave for work.

I have thought this before and this morning it occurred to be again. If it turns out to be truly crazy then I blame it on the cold weather, all the snow and that my boring job is eating away at the brain. ; )      ; )

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If I am wrong then at least it was fun speculating about it. : )
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This is the 2nd annual Caffrey-Burke Day where fans are encourage to create fanworks to celebrate the day that our favorite show WHITE COLLAR premiered.  So here it is my contribution.  The song it Trouble by PINK.

The adventures of our favorite Con Man - Neal Caffrey and Peter Burke - our fave FBI agent.  It is fun vidding in a new fandom.

The password is WhiteCollar.  

Daniel Pfft

My new vid and other news.

I made another Daniel & Vala Vid. This is my 6th one so far. It still surprises me that after all these years of making Stargate vids (8 years now)  that I still get ideas for new ones.

Song: Brighter than the Sun
Artist: Colbie Caillat

Password: truelove
Download link:

The metro transit strike has now been going on for over 30 days. Up until now I have been able to get a ride to work but as of tomorrow I am going to have to walk. Fortunately the weather is warming up. I estimate it might take maybe 45 minutes to walk to work. Both sides have their good points but enough is enough. It become like a petty game of chicken now, to see who cracks first.

In TV news, I have really been enjoying The Gifted Man.  Given that its premise (a brillant Dr is haunted by the ghost of his dead X wife), the focus is not on the ghost & why she is haunting him but on the changes this event bring to his life. I find it quite the compelling drama with lots of interesting characters and stories. I hope it gets renewed because I want to know where the writers are going to take this show.

I also really like The Finder.   The funny thing is that when those characters first appeared on BONES, I didn't really care for them but now I do.

Well that is it for now. I must go finish up the laundry.
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The Movie Of Your Life Is An Indie Flick
You do things your own way - and it's made for colorful times.
Your life hasn't turned out how anyone expected, thank goodness!

Your best movie matches: Clerks, Garden State, Napoleon Dynamite

I think this is an apt description. : )  I love Clerks and most movies by Kevin Smith. I want to see Garden State but don't care to see Napoleon Dynamite.
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Peter is suspicious

My Job

Just thought I would give you all an quick update while I am at work. : )   So far so good. I get two breaks and a lunch. At Lawtons I only got two breaks.  I love the fact that I can access the net from work. As long as I don't do it while I am working they are fine with it. I might even check in on GW later. Nothing like some THUNKING to make your day. ; ) I wonder what Claire will think of that.

I have my own desk and computer. It really is a casual atmosphere around here. I thought I would have to go out and buy all new business clothes but Claire my boss says it is ok to wear jeans and my sneakers as long as they are in good condition. We don't have customers coming in so it just us. I will probably do some shopping just to celebrate.

I do a lot of filing, faxing and photocopying. We even get to listen to the radio while we work. 

Since I have my own computer I was thinking I might ask if I can use my own wallpaper. Maybe something Stargate related. It would be nice to see a certain someone's pic everyday.  Or maybe I should go with a team pic. : )  : ) But I think I will wait a bit before I ask that. 

Well that is about it.  Break almost over.